SCA Critical Worker Information Request


On Tuesday, Jan. 4th Manitoba Health announced that they are moving all schools to the Restricted (Orange) level on Manitoba’s Pandemic Response System. One addition to the existing level orange, is the shifting to a 1-week remote learning period for most Manitoban students after the holiday break from Jan. 10-14. 

A phased-in approach will be applied to allow students of critical care workers in Kindergarten through Grade 6 to attend school if no alternate care is available. Gr 7-12 students will be learning remotely from home, with special allowances for students with additional needs to be in school. Preschool will be open for all currently enrolled students. Current plans are to have all students return to in-person learning on Jan 17th. 

Parents in Gr. 1-6 have already confirmed if they are a critical worker in October 2021. If your work has changed or you have a child in Kindergarten and are a critical worker, please fill in the following form below by Thursday, Jan. 6th so your child can attend in-person learning.

Manitoba Critical Workers list:

  • – Health/Health Services Workers
  • – Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education Providers (all teachers, administrators and support staff)
  • – Child Care Workers
  • – Law Enforcement
  • – Corrections Workers
  • – Fire and Paramedic First Responders
  • – Direct Social Services and Child Protection Workers
  • – Additional critical services workers may include people who provide critical services to Manitobans, such as front-line natural resource workers, essential supply chain staff (e.g., truck drivers delivering food, medications and other essential goods; food industry staff working in food processing plants, etc.) gas station attendants, and grocery store staff.

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