Grades 7 -12

We are a school founded on the principles of pursuing Christ and pursuing excellence in education. We believe that God has given your children to you, and we want to come alongside you and help you. We believe in the importance and value of teaching God’s Word and principles to our students.

Our High School Campus is located at 261 Youville Street in a beautiful heritage building, one of the oldest and largest public school buildings in St. Boniface. This campus is equipped with spacious classrooms, large windows, theatre, commercial kitchen, library, computer lab, green room, and a practice gymnasium.


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At SCA we believe that God should be part of our daily life. We teach daily Bible classes as well as integrating God’s Word into all subject areas. We teach our students to practice Christ-like character to become wise and productive citizens, active for Christ in the real world in a Spirit Contemporary way. We have bimonthly chapel on Fridays. We also have scripture projects because we believe in the importance of memorizing and understanding God’s Word.

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At the high school our students each take a turn being the student in the spotlight and read a small devotional that they have written over the intercom. Students lead praise and worship during chapels. We ask our students to volunteer each semester to teach them the importance and joy found in giving back.

All students go on a ministry field trip or spiritual retreat to create community and promote spiritual growth.

SCA High School Students Assembled for Prayer


Our provincially certified educators incorporate academic excellence throughout all subject areas offering experiences that will challenge students. Our students are taught fundamental writing skills and many of our students have had their literary works published! Jr. High students consistently rank in the top 5 in Manitoba in a national Math Contest. High school students experience science first-hand in our modern science lab. The culmination of academic excellence is demonstrated by the fact that our Grade 12 students consistently score higher than the provincial average for provincial standards exams. SCA graduates are well equipped to enter post-secondary studies.

Teacher Delivering a Lesson to SCA High School Students


SCA believes technology is a vital skill for all students. Our state-of-the-art computer lab at our Youville campus is equipped with dual-platform iMacs and includes a portable lab with laptop computers. This technology gives students access to new and innovative electives including video game development, digital film/photography, and broadcast media. Students are able to use their skills in the Springs Church media department where they are trained and able to work with cameras and equipment that are used for HD Television production. Teachers also infuse technology throughout all curriculum areas to enhance learning.

SCA High School Students Learning New Technologies

View student made videos on our Youtube Channel!

Student Services

Remediation and enrichment are priorities of the Student Services Department. Student Services teachers and Educational Assistants (EAs) support the specific student educational programs at SCA. SCA has access to selected clinicians through a shared service agreement with Louis Riel School Division. Reading, Language and Math Groups, Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), Success Plans, classroom adaptations, Occupational Therapy plans, Social Thinking programs, etc. are implemented as required. As SCA is an independent school, SCA must know in advance every potential or probable need required of our Resource Personnel; SCA may be limited to support specific requirements a student may have.

SCA High School Football Team of Students Standing With their Coach


Students at every grade level have Spiritual Emphasis Retreats, where the goal is for students to connect with one another and God. As well, every other year, Grade 7 & 8 students have the opportunity to travel to Memphis, TN to learn about human rights and equality. This is as a culminating trip after studying about Civil Rights during the year. Every second year, Gr. 11-12 students can travel to Europe during Spring Break to learn about the world beyond themselves and grow spiritually. Annual ski trips and camping trips are also organized by the Athletic Department.

SCA High School Students Trip to Paris

Youth Parliament

Youth Parliament allows students an opportunity to practice public speaking and debate skills. Students form ministries, propose legislation and follow parliamentary procedure. This unique experience brings many MLAs, MPs and other elected representatives to our school to watch the proceedings and bring greetings.

Youth Parliament of SCA High School Students


Our sports programs are offered for students in Grades 4-12 to encourage individuals to maintain an active lifestyle and develop skills in potential of moving on to recreational, College or University sports. Sports offered include Cross-Country, Curling,  Track and Field, Golf, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Hockey and Indoor/Outdoor Soccer. Over the years our teams have had many successes competing at a AA/AAA level, winning divisional banners and placing in the top 8 for Provincials in Manitoba.

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Some SCA alumni have gone on to compete at the CIS level for Track and Field and Volleyball, as well as playing on Volleyball teams at the University of Winnipeg, and Track and Field at the University of Manitoba.

Learn more about our Athletics program here

Sports Team of HighSchool SCA

Fine Arts

SCA nurtures opportunities for students to develop and grow in Fine Arts. Jr. High students are introduced to band and choir instruction in Grade 7 and the music program continues with electives through Grade 12, allowing the pursuit of musical interest and giftings. Dynamic drama electives and awe-inspiring art classes are evident as you walk through our halls, theatre and even throughout Winnipeg.

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SCA also has a Jazz Band, Senior Band, Jazz Choir and Choral ensemble, plus a new Music Technology program. We are one of few schools with a new and unique string program which currently includes violins and cellists.

Our music ensembles participate in all reputable Music Festivals around Winnipeg and Brandon and have received various awards and acknowledgements including a gold medal of distinction at the Winnipeg Music Festival.

Two Girls Of High School SCA are Singing

Youville Campus

Grades 7-12

261 Youville St., Winnipeg, MB R2H 2S7
(204) 231-3640

Facts of High School SCA Academics Result

School hours are:

8:45 am to 3:40 pm

School Library doors open at 7:30 am for students arriving early and close at 4:30 pm.

Office hours are:

8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Our Handbook

Winnipeg Christian school

SCA High School Students Ranked High in Sports

Here at Springs Christian Academy,

our students are taught to influence their communities with integrity and high standards and are set up for success beyond SCA.

Below are just a few of the reasons why you should choose Springs Christian Academy:

  • 35 years of education, a strong foundation
  • Christ-centered education
  • Incorporated prayer throughout the school day
  • Manitoba curriculum with biblical infusion
  • Teachers who are great role models and teach God’s Word
  • Comprehensive Student Services, providing a supportive environment for students with additional needs
  • Thriving creative arts, athletic and media programs
  • Preschool for ages 3 – 5