Springs Christian Academy welcomes all individuals interested in being a Head Coach or Assistant Coach with one of our sport teams provided at our school.

Responsibilities of a Coach

  • Evaluating performance and providing suitable feedback, balancing criticism with positive and motivating speech.
  • Adapting to the needs and interests of groups or individual participants.
  • Demonstrates effective communication during instruction.
  • Develop the knowledge and understanding of participants in fundamental skills, strategies, and other components important to the sport of choice.
  • Inspires confidence and self-belief in the participants to reach their full potential.
  • Planning and running practices.
  • Provides communication with parents or guardians on information about practices, games, and tournaments.
  • Displays determination, patience, and a supportive approach towards those being coach.
  • Act as a role model, gaining respect and trust in the people you work with.
  • Guide participants to help develop athletic abilities, character building, and gaining a stronger relationship with God.

SCA Sports Team of Boys and Girls

Requirements for Coaching

  • Springs Christian Academy Volunteer Form
    (picked up at the school office and good for 3 years)
  • Pastoral Reference Criminal Record Check
    (ask when picking up Springs Christian Academy Volunteer Form)
  • Child Abuse Registry
    (ask when picking up Springs Christian Academy Volunteer Form)
  • NCCP Certification
  • If interested in upgrading, please email Mr. Taylor at ttaylor@springs.ca.