K – Grade 6

We are a school founded on the principles of pursuing Christ and pursuing excellence in education. We believe that God has given your children to you, and we want to come alongside you and help you. We believe in the importance and value of teaching God’s Word and principles to our students.

Our Elementary Campus is located at 595 Lagimodiere Blvd; with 18 classrooms, a commercial kitchen, a library, computer lab, portable iPad lab, two full sized gymnasiums and plenty of green space.


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595 Lagimodiere Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB R2J 3X2
Phone (204) 235-0863
Email info@springs.ca

School hours:

8:50 am to 3:35 pm

Free supervised student drop-off starting at 8:30 am and pick-up until 4:00 pm – Before and After school program available for an additional cost from 7:00 am to 8:30 am & 4:00 to 5:30 pm

Office hours:

8:30 am to 4:00 pm


At SCA we believe that God should be part of our daily life. We teach daily Bible classes as well as integrating God’s Word into all subject areas. We teach our students to practice Christ-like character to become wise and productive citizens, active for Christ in the real world in a Spirit Contemporary way. We have weekly Chapel on Thursdays. We also have monthly scripture verses because we believe in the importance of memorizing and understanding God’s Word.

We are purposing to create leaders by having our Grade 3-6 students take turns daily reading scripture and praying over the intercom. We have house teams and reading buddies to encourage leadership and team building. Students lead praise and worship during chapels. We ask our students to volunteer with the school, starting in Grade 3. We want to teach them the importance and joy found in giving back.

All students go on a ministry field trip. Some sing at malls or retirement homes, some clean up the community, some go to Winnipeg Harvest, Springs Inner City, MCC and Siloam Mission to learn about the difference these organizations are making and to help. We fund raise and support 16 sponsor children through an organization in Africa called Watoto. Each elementary Grade level has a boy and girl that they support.

Bible Class + Biblical Integration at SCA
SCA Providing Academic Excellence


Our provincially certified educators incorporate academic excellence throughout all subject areas offering experiences that will challenge students. Our students are taught fundamental writing skills and many of our students have had these literary works published! Reading and Writing month celebrates and motivates students to further engage in creativity and application in these areas. Design Technology with hands-on projects and fischertechnik and participation in Science Processes offer enrichment for all. Strong academic foundations in Elementary, lead to the culmination of academic excellence as demonstrated by the fact that our Grade 12 students consistently score higher than the provincial average for provincial standards exams. We’re preparing students for their present, future and eternity!


Remediation and enrichment are priorities of the Student Services Department. Student Services teachers and Educational Assistants (EAs) support the specific student educational programs at SCA. SCA has access to selected clinicians through a shared service agreement with Louis Riel School Division. Reading, Language and Math Groups, Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s), Success Plans, classroom adaptations, Occupational Therapy plans, Social Thinking programs, etc. are implemented as required. As SCA is an independent school, SCA must know in advance every potential or probable need required of our Student Services department; SCA may be limited to support specific requirements a student may have.

SCA supports student educational programs

SCA Elementary School Students Learning French from Teacher


At SCA, Core French begins in Kindergarten, as we use the dynamic program “Histoires en Action”.  Basic French is mandatory for students in Manitoba up to Gr. 8. French then continues as an elective in Gr. 9-12. Our students’ results in French speaking, writing and listening skills are exceptional! Throughout the year, students gain experience and appreciation for Canadian French culture and language and celebrate Festival du Voyageur at the Elementary Campus with Jr. High students coming over to assist Preschool to Grade 6 students at the incredible stations (bannock and taffy making, leg wrestling, pea soup and storytelling, crafts, snowshoeing, etc.).

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“I have been teaching French workshops for years and was really impressed with how strong your student’s French language skills were. Continue with what you’re doing because the results speak for themselves.”


SCA believes technology is a vital skill for all students. Technology is infused into regular classroom instruction, as teachers implement the new Literacy with ICT (information and communication technology) initiative from the Department of Education. Our computer lab allows each student to work at a computer station, accommodating an entire classroom. Students hone their math, language, research and “Office” skills, while Grades 4 to 6 students also become proficient in keyboarding skills. Training our students in ethical and safe practices with technology and social media is our priority.

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SCA Elementary School Students Wearing Blue Gloves on Field Trips

Students participate in curricular outcome learning through incredible real life experiences at such places as the Children’s Museum, MB Museum, Touch the Universe, Lower Fort Garry, Western Aviation Museum, St. Boniface Museum, airplane flights at Steinbach Airport, Gr. 6 ski trip to Holiday Mountain, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Festival du Voyageur and more! In addition, Grade 5 students enjoy amazing adventures and devotional times at Winkler Bible Camp for an overnight trip, developing a closer relationship with God and peers. SCA Elementary values experiences for our students in reaching out to others by having our students sing at Senior homes, share the message of Jesus at Christmas through songs at Kildonan Place and the Forks Market, as well as bringing our students to participate in activities and donating to Siloam Mission, Springs Inner City, MCC, and more!


SCA offers numerous opportunities for creative development and growth. Students are taught art classes and introduced to choir and music classes where they are taught basic guitar skills among other instruments. There are also optional private piano lessons available upon request.

SCA Elementary Students learning Fine Arts From Teacher

Here at Springs Christian Academy,

our students are taught to influence their communities with integrity and high standards and are set up for success beyond SCA.

Below are just a few of the reasons why you should choose Springs Christian Academy:

  • 35 years of education, a strong foundation
  • Christ-centered education
  • Incorporated prayer throughout the school day
  • Manitoba curriculum with biblical infusion
  • Teachers who are great role models and teach God’s Word
  • Comprehensive Student Services, providing a supportive environment for students with additional needs
  • Thriving creative arts, athletic and media programs
  • Preschool for ages 3 – 5