We are so excited to announce our new Springs Christian Academy School President and Springs Church Senior Pastor, Zach Fontaine! After God’s call on Pastor Zach to be Senior Pastor of Springs Church was affirmed by the Springs Church Board, it only seemed fitting that since SCA is a ministry of Springs Church, Zach also lead SCA. We know God has great and mighty things for us as we move forward under the leadership of Pastor Zach. Our school mission has not changed – to come alongside parents in providing a Christ-centred education for their children, consistent with the Springs Church Statement of Faith, and to strive for excellence in education through Christ. As a staff it is our passion to see our students grow academically and in their relationship with Jesus and live a life that is honouring to God.



In 1985, Springs Christian Academy started with three makeshift classrooms and regular salaried teachers.  Approximately thirty to fifty students attended during the early years.  This was an evolution from a handful of students meeting in a room of the then Springs of Living Water Church, following a correspondence program.

By 1987, seventy-six students graced the halls of the school which was now meeting at “Ecole Sainte Marie” located in the St. Mary’s Parish behind the 479 St. Mary’s Road building.  The space quickly outgrew the thriving student body.  The Springs of Living Water Church building started being used to contain the overflow classes and grades.

In 1991, the move to 261 Youville was made to house the flourishing school.

The Springs Elementary School was moved to 595 Lagimodiere Blvd in 1999 and the Christian High School campus remains at the 261 Youville location to this day.

King George V School (circa 1915)
Source: Education Department Report, 1915, Manitoba Legislative Library.
Springs Christian Academy
Middle & High School Campus


261 Youville Street

The facility at 261 Youville street is one of the oldest and largest public school buildings in St. Boniface. It was designed by Winnipeg architect H. W. Greene and built from stone mined at the quarries in Tyndall, Manitoba.  The stone and clay brick structure was one of the first fireproof schools in Manitoba and was completed in 1916. Since then, the building has undergone many upgrades and renovations, including the addition of a gymnasium in 1974 and new electrical and heating.

It was used as a public school until it was closed in 1989 due to declining enrolment. Afterwards, the building was used by the Child and Family Services department, the St. Boniface Diocesan High School and then renovated and reopened in September 1991 as Springs Christian Academy.

Renovations at the Youville Campus

In the summer of 2016, renovations were made to the washrooms, office, windows, field, kitchen, gymnasium and more.


595 Lagimodiere Blvd

In 1994 Pastor Leon Fontaine became senior pastor of Springs Church and President of Springs Christian Academy. In 1999 our new building at 595 Lagimodiere opened, and our Christian Elementary School was relocated to this brand new facility which it shares with Springs Church. rose vibrator


SCA Independent School in Winnpeg

Springs Christian Independent School Winnipeg


Our Alumni have gone on to successful careers such as entrepreneurs, financial services, lawyers, doctors, teachers, pharmacists, nurses, physiotherapists, engineers, political science, media and communications, internet technology, computer science, among others. We also have alumni who have gone on to compete at the University level in sports, and many past students are now teaching at Springs Christian Academy themselves.

Having my child in SCA was so rewarding! Watching her grow up with Scriptural principles in all of her classes meant that she could really know Jesus in her mind, not just in her heart. This is paying off this year as she attends university. While she is challenged in her faith, she is still secure, knowing that Jesus is her Saviour and that He has a plan for all mankind!

Mike DyerTeacher and Parent

As a student, I felt really cared for by the teachers not only academically but spiritually/personally as well. I felt that SCA helped me to build a solid foundation on Christ which I have not wavered from, nearly 15 years later. It was also really great to have peers who had the same beliefs/mindset, who encouraged me spiritually as well. I can honestly say that one of the best decisions my parents made was enrolling me at SCA. Now, as a parent myself, I fully believe in providing my kids with a Christian education as I feel It helped to equip me for success spiritually and academically later in life and that's what I want for my children.

Lindsay CiastkoAlumni & Teacher

I thoroughly enjoyed my time as an SCA student, and it has been an even greater joy to teach at this incredible school. It was teachers at this school who encouraged, mentored, and challenged me in my walk with God. They inspired me by their example and passion for learning, which is why I chose teaching as a career to mentor and disciple today’s youth in our school. It is exciting teaching the next generation of our country’s and churches leaders in this city. It's not just a job. It's family!

Nichole WeilerAlumni & Teacher

I love SCA! I graduated in 2006 and it has been a true blessing to come back and teach here. The SCA family has been a huge part of my life, especially in my teenage years, helping me grow spiritually and preparing me for university. My experience as a student was so positive, to the point that it was the amazing teachers at SCA that inspired me to be a teacher myself. I’m back at SCA as a teacher and have been able to experience both the student and educator side of SCA. It has been life changing. The staff here are positive, life-giving educators who want nothing more than for the students to strive for excellence in every aspect of their lives: Spiritually, academically and personally. My parents always told me that my education was an investment for my future, both academically and spiritually; I couldn’t agree more. Christian education prepared me for life in every possible way and I couldn’t imagine my life without it.

Jasmine ReimerAlumni

I went to SCA from Kindergarten all the way up to Grade 12 when I graduated in 2013 and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I think it is so valuable that I was able to attend a school where I could be free to learn about God, grow in my faith with other students, and experience Him whether it was through the academic classes or through our weekly chapels. I have God to thank, my parents, and the teachers at SCA who have equipped, shepherded and led me into God’s truth so that I can be an influence, and a witness to Jesus Christ, out in the world.

Carlie HackieAlumni