At SCA we are purposing to create leaders in the church and community. We believe it is important to teach every student the importance and joy found in giving back.

Ministry Field Trip
All students go on a ministry field trip. Some sing at malls or retirement homes, some clean up the community, some go to Winnipeg Harvest, Springs Inner City, MCC and Siloam Mission to learn about the difference these organizations are making and how they can give back. As well, our grade 8 students who travel to Memphis each year also volunteer at a local soup kitchen while they are there.

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Together we fund raise and support 16 sponsor children in Uganda, Africa, through an organization in Africa called Watoto. Each elementary Grade level has a boy and girl that they support.

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Every semester we ask all our students in grade 3 and up to volunteer. We want to teach them the importance and joy found in giving back. This can include volunteering on a team in their church or community.

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We believe in the importance and power of prayer. Our students pray weekly for our Country’s leadership, Federal, Provincial and city governments. They also participate yearly in See You At The Pole, where every student gathers out front of the school and prays together for their friends, families, teachers, school, and nation.

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Winnipeg’s Inner City
Every year our students gather food for Winnipeg harvest as well as collect toys for Inner City kids at Christmastime. Last year they collected 142 toys for girls and boys in need. During Reading and Writing month we also donate books to Inner City children.

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