SCA provides some fundraising opportunities for your family to help offset tuition costs.

SCA tution Credit Program

Your family may choose how they wish to engage in the Tuition Credit Program. Monies raised in advance of enrollment may be “banked” and applied when the student is prepared to enter SCA. (Please note: Tuition credits have no cash value). Tuition credits are issued annually in January to eligible families for 50% of net monies they have raised from their specified fundraisers that year. Tuition credits may be applied to tuition or registration only.

Shop Funds

Shop Funds is our newest fundraiser.  This fundraiser allows you to receive tuition credits by purchasing gift cards for businesses that you likely frequent on a regular basis.  Choose from a list of 47 participating retailers!  Gift cards also make great gifts!  This fundraiser runs monthly with forms and payments due by 9:00 on the first and third Monday of the month.

Mrs. Jenni Johnson and Mrs. Kim McCarthy oversee this fundraiser.  Contact or with any questions regarding this fundraising opportunity.

Shop Funds Order Form

Hot Lunch

Do you want a break from making school lunches?  Every month families are able to place lunch orders for their children.  Hot Lunch orders are delivered on Tuesdays & Fridays at the Elementary campus and Tuesdays & Thursdays at the High School campus.  Orders handed in after the due dates will not be accepted.  The proceeds from this fundraiser benefit all programs in our school.

(orders due September 19th)

October Hot Lunch Form - Lag

(orders due September 23rd)

October Hot Lunch Form - Youville

Coupon Books

Each year SCA participates in a coupon book fundraiser.  This year we are selling subscriptions to the Show and Save Mobile App! Tuition credits of approximately $4.00 per App with 10 or more sold.

Purchase a subscription online and enter our Fundraising Group code: W72QV at checkout time.

2019 Show & Save flyer

Show & Save website

2019 SCA fundraising letter

Chocolate Sales

Every Fall, SCA provides a chocolate fundraiser at the elementary campus. High school students can participate as well through the Youville office. This is a very successful program in which many families have been able to supplement their school tuition.

2019 SCA fundraising letter

Family Referral Incentive

Do you know a family looking into Christian Education? When a family that you introduce to SCA is accepted and completes the school year, your family will receive one month free tuition for each new child referred. For example, the new referred family has 2 children entering SCA; once they have attended one full school year, your family would receive two months free tuition. This will be prorated for a Preschool child. Be sure to contact the Admin Office to inform SCA of your referral.

Real Estate Fundraiser

Do you know someone who is looking to buy or sell a home? Check out this opportunity! Some realtors have agreed to donate a percentage of their commission to SCA; this donation amount is then shared with the SCA family in the form of tuition credits.
For a list of Realtors participating in this program or for more information about these or other fundraisers, contact our Administration Office at 204-231-3640.