We have all of our students back to school for in-class learning, 5 days a week as of September 2021. We continue to come together as a school community to help our students navigate COVID-19 while delivering an excellent education. Our plan is dynamic and based on the current health orders. This plan is subject to change as these orders change. You can continue to rely on SCA to interpret Manitoba’s health orders and create an environment that is free of fear and filled with faith.

The government has mandated the use of masks for students, staff and visitors. The mask guidelines provide exemptions under the following conditions: mask breaks while seated at your desk, physical education, outdoors, while eating or drinking, and while physically distant. We can share the following government document with you that allows you, as the parent, to determine if your child has an additional exemption from wearing a mask. Click here for the link. See government mask exemption guidelines. If you have specific questions regarding Health you can contact our Health Liaison at (431) 588-4696 or at health@springs.ca with any questions and concerns.


As mandated by the government, SCA will aim to limit interactions between different groups of students in K-6 by creating cohorts. There is the potential to move away from cohorts as the year progresses. We will continue the use of staggered entrances and exits.

We encourage you to continue checking our website and keep an eye out for updates and additional information.

As a school we are focusing on the educational needs of our students and families, safety, as well as their mental health and well-being. As mandated by Manitoba Education in Welcoming Our Students Back: Restoring Safe Schools we will aim to balance the government’s recommendations with an emphasis on our students’ mental health.

We have had a safe return to school by implementing the following:

  • Making plans to prepare our facilities to accommodate physical distancing when possible, as well as continued sanitization.
  • Shuttle bus – will have assigned seating and some additional cleaning requirements. 
  • Informing parents and staff by posting new information to our website when it becomes available.
  • To avoid crowds and manage foot traffic while in our school building, we are asking that everyone walk down the right-hand side of the hallways and use the right-hand entrance/exit when possible or use separate planned entrance/exits.
  • As required by health officials, we will only schedule group gatherings that abide by public health guidelines.
  • It would be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide a mask. We also recommend that you supply your child with a labelled container to store their mask. Teachers will be allowing for mask breaks when students are seated in their classrooms. Although the teachers’ priority is on the education of our students, we will also be reminding students without exemptions to wear their masks when appropriate.
  • Students are recommended to remain physically distant whenever possible. 
  • 100% of our elementary building has individual filtered room fresh air intake and individual air filtration heating and cooling. We have increased filter replacement. Staff are encouraged to have windows open for fresh air when possible.
  • Last year at our Youville campus, we put in a new system that filters and circulates more fresh air. All of our Gr 7-12 homerooms have individual heating and cooling systems. We have increased filter replacement. Staff are encouraged to have windows open for fresh air when possible.

Student and Family Preparedness

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Before coming to school, parents/guardians/volunteers/visitors should use the Manitoba COVID-19 Screening Tool or Public Health Fact Sheet daily to ensure students are healthy. Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring their children are not displaying symptoms before sending them to school or on the bus. Please remember that students cannot come to school if they are sick. This also applies to staff, volunteers and visitors.

All parents/guardians should report to the main office. We will limit non-essential visitors/volunteers during school hours. If parents come early, they are encouraged to enjoy the Winnipeg Cafe if open. Parents/guardians can still drop off and pick up when convenient for their family.

Restoring Safe Services

Optional Hot Lunch will continue to be offered; we will purpose to follow the recommended health and safety guidelines as outlined in the Restoring Safe Services document (p14). 

All students should bring a filled water bottle to school each day to avoid lineups at the refill stations. We have touch-free water bottle refill stations that can be used throughout the school day.

If your child has an underlying health condition and has been advised by a doctor not to return to in-class learning in September (due to COVID-19 related risk factors); please contact the school office and provide the school with a doctor’s note. We will offer online learning to work from home. Regular online attendance will be mandatory. 

If a student shows any new cold or flu-like symptoms (any one of the following: cough, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of smell or taste, any two – runny nose, muscle ache, headache, nausea, fatigue) they should remain at home as stated by Manitoba Health.

According to Restoring Safe Services, “A chronic stable cough, sneeze, runny nose or nasal congestion that is unchanged and clearly linked to a known medical condition such as asthma or allergies, is not an absolute requirement for exclusion… Changing or worsening of chronic symptoms require isolation and contacting Health Links.” Staff will exercise judgment based on the symptoms, when in doubt, will error on the side of caution. Parents will be contacted to pick up their child immediately and advised to contact Health Links.

If a person in the household has been diagnosed with COVID-19, is symptomatic, is in close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19, or if anyone in the household has travelled to a region that the government requires self-isolation upon return, they are required to consult with Health Links prior to attending school and follow their direction. They may return to school after being symptom-free for 24 hours.

Someone is considered a close contact when an individual has been in close contact (within 6 feet) with a symptomatic or confirmed positive COVID case for a cumulative period of 10 minutes per day. 

 We encourage families to have a back-up plan in place in the event of illness.

Contact Tracing

To facilitate contact tracing/management SCA will:

  • Keep accurate student attendance records (in school and on the bus).
  • Keep a log of all visitors who pass the front Lagimodiere vestibule or enter past the Youville office.
  • Seating plans for classrooms.
  • Cohorts in K-Gr 6 to the best of our ability.
    • If there is a case of infection in a school, this practice can help with contact tracing/management, but also limits potential exposures and drastically reduces the potential number of exposed staff and students

SCA will provide contact information gathered from attendance and close monitoring of classroom movement to health officials upon request if an SCA child tests positive for COVID-19. Public health officials are responsible for communicating with “close contacts” and for advising the wider school community.

SCA Staff will continue to follow and teach our students:

  • About the importance of using a tissue or their elbow to cover their mouth/nose when coughing/sneezing. 
  • By providing instruction and reminding our students about the importance of proper handwashing.
  • By encouraging personal hygiene, regular hand washing and hand sanitizing as required.
  • About careful disposal of soiled tissues.
  • By encouraging hand washing. 
  • To avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth.
  • The importance of keeping their hands to themselves.
  • How to properly clean their stations to kill germs.
  • As needed, to avoid unnecessary touching.
  • Not to share food (unless prepackaged and distributed by a staff member).
  • The school has asked families to provide personal hand sanitizer for each student. Staff will prompt students to use hand sanitizer when necessary.

We want to encourage our parents to reinforce the above points at home as well.

Administration continues to provide professional development and learning opportunities for staff in relation to mental health and health protocols. Our staff purposes to teach our students how to work at being mentally healthy and strong. We will continue to keep a close eye on the mental health of our  students as some will need additional support and guidance while coming back to school.

  • We will watch for changes in behaviour, mood swings, loss of interest in school or activities, heightened fears and emotions.
  • We will offer a listening ear along with regular check-ins with students.
  • We will teach God’s Word on the subject and pray with and for students.
  • We will teach coping techniques.
  • We will be in communication with parents.
  • We will have 2 days of optional scheduled ‘meet the teacher’ drop-in days to help students slowly integrate back into school.
  • Our school counselor will also be available to listen and provide strategies for students.

SCA administrative team will contact our public health nurse if support or information is required.

Childcare + BASP Program

At SCA, we have a very strong connection between our Preschool and our Elementary Campus. Preschool will continue to follow the government mandates established for Early Childhood Education.

Early Learning Childhood Best Practices – COVID-19

Before and After Care will continue with the above protocols and plans. This includes personal hygiene for the before and after school program with the implementation of additional cohorts/spaces as needed. In an effort to lower the amount of traffic flow in our school building, parents/guardians will sign their child in and out at the school office vestibule entrance.

Institutional Preparedness

Re-Opening Phases for Springs Christian Academy

Manitoba Education has asked all schools to identify three reopening phases for a resumption of in-class learning for 2021-2022 (government framework). The province confirmed on August 20/21 that we are following Phase 2/Yellow.  As a school, we will be prepared to adjust between phases when possible if mandated by public health.

Phase 1/Green

  • As per the government, in-class learning resumes for all with public health measures.
  • SCA’s Phase 1 means full in-class learning resuming, with some public health measures.

Phase 2/Yellow

Current plan as mandated by Government of Manitoba

  • As per the government, in-class learning resumes with additional public health measures.
    • In-class learning, five days per week, for students in K-12, and when possible, the school will limit interaction between different groups of students in K-Gr 6 (cohorts)
    • Students have assigned seating
    • Implement strategies to avoid crowding in hallways, washrooms and entrances whenever possible
    • Have students walk in a single file on the right-hand side whenever possible.
    • Limit the amount of students in the hallways at one time in accordance with K-Gr 6 cohorts 
    • Library will take place in the library with increased cleaning practices
    • Stagger recess, lunch and washroom/hand washing breaks when we deem necessary to ensure safety in accordance with K-Gr 6 cohorts
    • Sharing toys, manipulatives and shared play stations is permitted, provided good hand hygiene is practiced before and after use
    • Extra-curricular activities and field trips are permitted in accordance with public health guidance and orders.
  • Manitoba Health orders currently recommends keeping groups of K-Gr 6 students in cohorts of 75.
  • Music, French, media, workout room, gymnasium, library, foods, computer and science labs, students will use regular cleaning practices and/or teachers will come directly to homerooms to teach.
  • We will purpose to implement the government recommendations whilst ensuring that our students’ mental health is of the utmost importance. We will not promote an atmosphere of fear and anxiety but of faith and hope.
  • Wind instruments and indoor singing are permitted. If sharing, instruments and accessories will be cleaned and disinfected between users. Students will be physically distant to the greatest extent possible.
  • School sports are currently permitted. Please refer to the province’s Sports Guidelines for further guidance.

Phase 3/

  • Continue with Phase 2/Yellow rules with a few additions.
    • Students from Kindergarten-Grade 12 can still attend full-time school as long as all students are seated 1 meter apart in cohorts or 2 meters apart without cohorts 
  • Field trips, extracurricular, assemblies, gatherings, use of PPE, cleaning and disinfecting will follow current public health recommendations and orders whenever possible 

Phase 4/Critical Red

  • As per the government – Limited Use of Schools 
    • Continue with Phase 2/Yellow and Phase 3/Modified Orange rules with additions,
    • In-class learning could be suspended if mandated by the government, 
    • Remote learning for all students will be offered. Schools are open for Kindergarten to Grade 6 students of critical services workers who cannot make alternative care arrangements, students with special needs and students at risk,
    • Rotating in small groups (5 to 6) may occur for support and assessment purposes,
    • Please let your child’s teacher know if you are planning to do remote learning,
    • For those accessing remote learning, we will continue to communicate via email, and provide instruction by utilizing Google G-Suite and Seesaw as well as distributing paper packages in the elementary grades,
    • Before and after school program will be offered to students attending in-class learning,
    • Two metres of physical distancing should be maintained for students who are in-class learning. In some cases, we will use plexiglass dividers to help separate students in class

Plans for Thorough Cleaning and Sanitizing

According to Restoring Safe Schools, the risk of COVID-19 transmission from surfaces is low, a transition to pre-COVID cleaning practices will occur. We will continue to clean high-touch surface areas as necessary. We will continue to regularly clean and disinfect all washrooms.

Learning Preparedness

Blended Learning & Technology

Blended in-class and remote learning plans may need to be implemented on short notice for students showing COVID-19 symptoms, or if advised by Manitoba Health to self-isolate. If students are unable to come to school due to sickness, we will provide long-distance learning. This will be a blend of paperwork, Google Classroom, Seesaw, recorded teacher lessons and/or following along with the class on a live Google Meet. Students in class, as well as online, will continue to learn with asynchronous (working independently on their own) and synchronous (working with a teacher) as both offer valuable learning opportunities.

Students who show COVID-19 related symptoms and are not able to attend school, should contact their teacher and the school office prior to the start of the school day. 

  • If they would like to join a live Google Meet, they need to contact their teacher by 7:30am that day.
  • If they would like a recording of the lesson, they need to let the teacher know 24 hours in advance.

This provides teachers with enough time to prepare/set up for recording lessons or running Google Meets. Sometimes, if the student’s request is not made with advance notice, the recording may not be guaranteed.


As a school, we will continue to offer support to staff in the areas of technology usage; offering professional learning opportunities as well as tech support. We will offer families in need the opportunity to borrow a school device as needed and available (please note that there is a limited supply).

All student assessments are planned to continue in the method employed before the COVID-19 pandemic. The government continues to look at best assessment practices. The latest Restoring Safe Schools document states that Grade 12 provincial tests will not proceed in 2021–2022 and the province will work towards the development of an assessment in Grade 10.

Jr/Sr High exam exemptions: An online class participation option will be made available for students who need to be absent for a prolonged period of time or for those who have notified their teachers at least one day in advance of a foreseen absence. Students who are present to class online will not incur an absence for that day.

Manitoba Education Standards for Remote Learning

Recovery Learning

We believe that we will be able to start our 2021-2022 educational school year with our students in fine form, ready to continue their learning. 

  • Staff have met with previous years’ teachers in June to prepare for the upcoming school year ensuring that they are informed of their students’ learning levels. They will continue to dialogue throughout the current school year during their preparation time.
  • As always, in September, we will have a period of transition; learning new routines, reconnecting and building relationships, as well as reorientation back into the classroom.
  • For the few students that will require recovery learning, we have individualized plans in place to help them with their recovery in September.
  • Staff will continue to adapt their teaching practices to meet the needs of their students.
  • Staff will adjust their learning targets based on their students’ previous learning.
  • Staff will continue to provide ongoing feedback, regular assessment and consistent communication with students and SCA families.

Student Services and Clinical Services

Resources Supporting Students with Special Needs

  • It is important for us to have a focus on equality for our most vulnerable students.
  • Our team will continue to remain in contact with the families of students who require additional support.
  • Remote learning will be handled in various forms, depending on the specific needs of the individual student and staff.
  • When possible, we will have designated spaces within the school to meet and learn in small groups.
  • We will properly clean equipment and any shared spaces as necessary.
  • Student Services leads met with staff in June about their future class profiles and student-specific planning. They will continue to be in touch throughout the year. 
  • Student Services leads will arrange Student Service Support team meetings as needed.
  • We will review and assign case management to staff.
  • We will prepare resources and arrange services to support students with Level 2 and 3 funding.
  • We will provide student-specific planning and learning support for teachers and families.

International Students

Our policy for accepting international students has returned to our pre-pandemic protocols.

School Staff Preparedness

We value our staff and their safety. We encourage our staff to approach administration if they are struggling in any way as we want to support them. We will work with our staff to ensure their own, as well as student safety. We will point them to available resources.

We will have training and provide guidance through professional development that enables our staff to prepare for the upcoming school year, dealing with COVID-19.

Staff will self-monitor daily for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Staff who have any symptoms of COVID-19 will stay home and self-isolate. 

Staff can reduce their risk by following the same health and safety plans they teach their students. 

Check out our online calendar.

Also, check out our School Social Media for latest updates:

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As a school we are committed to the safety of our Springs Christian Academy community.