Our private Christian Elementary School & Christian High School strive to introduce different events, host special speakers and celebrate achievements.  Here are some highlights of what’s been happening at SCA and why we think it is one of the best schools in Winnipeg!

New Staff!!

As we make plans for our 2020-2021 school year, we thought we’d send a quick email as we say goodbye to some of our SCA staff and welcome new ones. Some are moving to other opportunities and others are joining us for the first time as staff. Click here for more details!


The 2019/2020 was an amazing school year for our Sports Teams! A huge congratulations to all our SCA Athletes for an incredible season, and to our families for supporting them. GO EAGLES!!!

Technology Week

During Technology week, our Christian Elementary and High School teachers taught various lessons around using technology safely and responsibly. As a school we also took time to have a technology free day, where teachers and students attempted to go about their day without the use of modern technologies such as phones or computers. The day was a great reminder about our reliance on technology and was an opportunity to interact in more social ways. Families were challenged to take part in the ‘Device Free Dinner’ challenge to promote relational interaction with family members.

SCA teacher teaching technology lesson to students

SCA Community Clean-Up

Our Jr. and Sr. Christian high school students had a fantastic opportunity to give back to our community by going out and doing a community clean up this fall.  They raked and bagged leaves in many yards in the surrounding area.  Our students did us proud by exhibiting excellent work ethics and behaviour!  Our staff demonstrated amazing leadership skills by getting in there and raking right alongside the students!  It was a great way to practice thinking outside of ourselves and helping others selflessly!

SCA Students collecting the leaves in the backyard
Students and teachers cleaning the leaves after the fall in the school area

Choir Festival

The SCA Concert Choir, at our Christian High School, was thrilled to be invited to sing with renowned Canadian choral conductor Scott Leithead on Friday February 1st. Five schools from Winnipeg came together to perform for each other and engage in a mass choir as Mr. Leithead lead them in learning some songs from South Africa. These students sang with about 175 other singers in two choreographed, 6 part, chant style songs all to the beat of the African drums. This was a rare opportunity for Winnipeg, and we were privileged to be included in a very selective experience.

Springs Christian Academy Choir Festival Winnipeg
SCA School Choir Festival Winnipeg

Apps for Social Change Workshop

In the fall, students from our Christian High School were invited to participate in an exclusive day with a representative from Apple Education where they learned about using App creation to make social change. Springs Christian Academy was selected as the first school in Canada to host this event. The students were put into groups and assigned a relevant issue in our society that would become the basis of their app. Students then had to come up with the concept and basic layout of an app that would help meet needs in the area assigned. Our students came up with fantastic ideas and some elegant looking app designs. Feedback from the students was very positive and they came away with a number of new skills.

SCA Social Change Workshop

Giving Back

At Springs Christian Academy, we love the opportunity we have to be a blessing to others! Our annual Springs Inner City Toy Drive was November 12th-December 4th this year. Students dropped off unwrapped gifts for boys and girls at our Christian elementary school office and wrote them a special note. In total, we collected 142 toys this year to bless the Springs Inner City kids! What a great way to teach children to be generous at a young age!
Our Christian High School Campus also participated by bringing in non perishable food items which were brought to Springs Inner City. We collected 284.2 pounds of food which helped many families have a happy Christmas!

SCA Give Away GiftsFood Distributed by SCA Students

Youth Parliament

The Springs Christian Academy Youth Parliament occurred on Thursday, December 13 and Friday, December 14. This 25th Anniversary session at our secondary school was one of the best ever as the members discussed important topics that affect today’s society. All the grade 10, 11 and 12 students from our Christian school worked for a number of months preparing resolutions and research for the two days of deliberations. A number of invited elected officials also attended the session as they brought greetings and spoke on the importance of public service, educating oneself on current issues and being active in the community. One specific highlight was the wonderful gift/presentation that was made at the end of the session and presented to Mr. Dowler. This was a ceiling tile which was planned and painted by the students in our Art program. It was greatly appreciated! Check out the session pictures in the 2018 album on the SCA Youth Parliament Facebook page.

Springs Christian Academy Youth Parliament
SCA's 25th Anniversary Celebrations
SCA's Elected Officials Discussions


All SCA volleyball teams had an amazing season at our Christian high school! Our Junior High Girls were finalists in the Louis Riel School Division and our Junior High Boys took home the banner in the Louis Riel School Division. Our Senior Boys won the Tier 2, Zone 12 MHSAA Banner, playing their final game against St. Maurice. Our Senior high girls played competitively against several AAA teams in their Tier this season and which prepared them to compete at the AA provincials in Boissevain, Manitoba. The girls placed first in the Provincial qualifying tournament that was held at SCA in the fall, beating out Landmark Collegiate in the finals, which qualified them for Provincials. The girls made it to the quarter final round and placed third in their pool at the tournament. We are so proud of all our Volleyball teams!

Volleyball Girls Team with Coach of Springs Christian Academy
Volleyball Junior Boys Team of Springs Christian Academy
Junior Girls Playing Volleyball at Springs Christian Academy
Volleyball Senior Boys Team of Springs Christian Academy

Social Media Awareness

Our High School campus had RCMP Constable Gord Olson do a presentation on social media awareness including the current issue of sexting.  Our goals to educate as many as possible was achieved as 137 people also attended the follow-up evening presentation to parents, and Gord was subsequently contacted by CTV news to do a segment on these issues.

Social Media Awareness in SCA

I Love to Read Month

Here at the Lag campus, we had a great time during the month of February celebrating “I Love to Read!” This year, our theme was “The Fabulous Four” reading comprehension strategies: powerful predicting, quizzical questioning, careful clarifying, and skillful summarizing! Our students learned that it’s so important to make predictions or guesses about what we are reading, to ask Who, What, When, Where, and Why questions about what we have read, to clarify tough vocabulary we come across in our reading, and to summarize what we have read into a main idea! We had fun assemblies every week where we played games such as our “Crazy Hair Contest”, listened to Reader’s Theatre as presented by our Grade 2 and 5 students, and watched fun videos of our own students and staff share about the Fabulous Four reading comprehension strategies.  Students were also invited to donate books to Headingley Correctional Centre (we are donating over 1,000 books to their family visiting centre this year!). Most of all, students and staff were encouraged to practice reading at home every day, all for points for our house team competition. We had so much fun in our annual celebration of literacy, and we can’t wait for next year. Keep on reading at home, everyone!

Event Celebrated in February "I Love to Read" - Springs Christian Academy

Theme of "I Love to Read" Event - The Fabulous Four - Springs Christian Academy