Our mission.

Our mission is to work with parents to offer an education consistent with the Springs Church Statement of Faith, and to strive for excellence through Christ.

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Springs Christian Elementary School in Winnipeg

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Our philosophy.

In all things, SCA guides students toward Christ.

We work with parents to ensure the principles of the Word that are taught at home and church are also taught at school. SCA is a positive environment where students feel empowered to make good choices, building the strength of character that leads to lasting emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Our foundation.

SCA purposes to put Christ at the center of all that we do. As a ministry of Springs Church, we embrace being Spirit Contemporary by teaching God’s Word in a relevant and easily understood manner, and by teaching our students to influence their communities with integrity and high standards.

Springs Christian Academy and High School in Winnipeg

Springs Christian Independent School Winnipeg

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Our team.

Our staff members have each made a personal commitment to Christ and together bring unique strengths to Springs Christian Academy. Staff members are dedicated, relational and nurturing individuals who love what they do.

Our teachers have won awards provincially, nationally and internationally. They work together with families to lead your children to the next levels in their education and their commitment to Christ. Emphasis is placed on educating the whole child though Biblical integration into Manitoba curriculum, character building, scripture memorization, leadership opportunities, chapels, and prayer. Our commitment at Springs Christian Academy is to support your family’s investment in educating and training your children for the future God has set before them.

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